Apache Stronghold v. United States of America (9th Cir.)

Stephanie Barclay oral argument

Our Clinic filed an amicus brief in favor of religious liberty protections for Oak Flat, an Indigenous sacred site in Arizona being threatened with destruction.

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Stephanie And Rlc At Oral Argument

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Meet the Team

  1. Stephanie Barclay oral argument

    Stephanie Barclay

    Faculty Director, Religious Liberty Initiative
    Professor of Law

  2. Stephanie Barclay oral argument

    Francesca Genova Matozzo

    Legal Fellow, Religious Liberty Clinic

  3. Allie Howell

    Alexandra (Allie) Howell

    2020-21 Student Fellow

  4. Athanasius Sirilla

    Athanasius Sirilla

    2022-23 Student Fellow

  5. Billy Eisenhauer

    Billy Eisenhauer

    2022-23 Student Fellow

  6. Daniel Judge

    Daniel Judge

    2020-21 Student Fellow

  7. Dan

    Dan Loesing

    2020-21 Student Fellow

  8. Hadyn

    Hadyn Pettersen

    2020-21 Student Fellow

  9. Jared Huber

    Jared Huber

    Student Fellow

  10. Olivia Rogers

    Olivia Rogers

    2021-22 Student Fellow
    2022-23 Student Fellow