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  1. Notre Dame religious liberty clinic backs lawsuit against church grant discrimination

    Catholic News Agency — The University of Notre Dame School of Law’s religious liberty initiative announced its support of a federal lawsuit challenging the exclusion of houses of worship from a state historic grant program.

  2. Rastafarian whose locks were cut in prison appeals case to Supreme Court

    Religion News Service — On May 3, a Rastafarian serving a five-month sentence in a Louisiana state prison filed a Supreme Court petition to seek damages after his jailers cut his dreadlocks, a hairstyle he said he wore for religious reasons.

  3. Can a Charter School Be a Religious School?

    RealClearEducation — The Oklahoma Supreme Court was the setting for an April 2 case that is likely the next school choice question to make its way to the U.S. Supreme Court. The case is Drummond v Oklahoma Virtual Charter School Board and considers whether the State of Oklahoma can use public dollars to fund a state-wide online Catholic charter school.