Religious Freedom & The Law in the UK

Location: Nottingham Law School

Nottingham Law School
Nottingham Law School

The University of Notre Dame Law School Religious Liberty Initiative and the Nottingham Law School invite scholars and practitioners to a jointly sponsored workshop on Religious Freedom and the Law in the UK on Monday, March 27th at Nottingham Law School. 

The workshop will feature a series of panel conversations shared by experts in the field of law and religion, followed by opportunities for attendees to enter into further discussion and reflection in small groups. Panels will address exorcism practices in contemporary England and Wales, the current legal context of these issues, and parallel issues of religious freedom and state duties to safeguard, including in the context of recent conflicts that arose during COVID-19. The workshop will conclude with a keynote address from Nazir Afzal, former prosecutor within the Crown Prosecution Service.

Please use the form below to register for this event. Contact Stephanie Barclay at for more information. 

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